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The Champagne region is a 36,000 hectare area 145 km North East of Paris. Champagne can be comprised of three grape varieties, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier or Chardonnay. The Champagne region is ideal for cultivating grapes due to the cool climate and limestone soil which retains heat and aids the natural irrigation of the vines. Only sparkling wines produced in this small delimited region in Northern France can be called Champagne.


The Leroux-Mineau vineyard is based at the heart of the region near to Epernay. The vineyard is a small family run affair based in a Grand Cru village located in the famous white Chardonnay area, the Cotes des Blancs.

Blanc de Blancs

This is a Champagne comprised solely from the white Chardonnay grapes which gives freshness, elegance and finesse to their blends. As Leroux-Mineau are based in the famous Chardonnay region, they do not need to blend their Champagne with the other two grape varieties. The use of just Chardonnay, harvested from Leroux-Mineau's own vineyards results in an enviable quality that simply cannot be replicated in other larger brands.

Grand Cru

Of the 302 crus (villages) in this outstanding wine-growing area, 43 are Premier Crus, but only 17 are classified Grand Crus, indicating the very finest cuvées. Only 8% of all Champagnes that leave this world famous region can be classified as Grand Cru. You can see why we feel so lucky to be working with a Grand Cru Champagne.

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis is the director of First Class Products, the exclusive importers for Leroux-Mineau Grand Cru Champagne. I am now 21 having started the business at 16. I have recently graduated from Exeter University with BA (hons) in geography and carried out a dissertation on Sustainable Champagne production. This certainly helped me gather valuable information and insight about the Champagne industry, the product and this truly special region in Northern France, which makes me so passionate about what we do.

I very much hope you will enjoy our unique Leroux-Mineau Grand Cru Champagne as much as we do.

Tom Ellis, Director

Leroux-Mineau Champagne Bottle

Leroux-Mineau Champagne Bottle