Welcome to the exciting brand of Leroux-Mineau Grand Cru Champagne.

I am Tom Ellis, the director of First Class Products. Founded in 2007 we are proud to be the exclusive importer for Leroux-Mineau Grand Cru Champagne within the UK. We are determined to bring you a superior quality Champagne at a realistic price.

Tom EllisChampagne is very special. It is one of the few things we always associate with good times and celebrations so what a fantastic product I have to work with!

We are a boutique importer for this very special family run small vineyard at the heart of the Champagne region. Small Champagne houses who are passionate about quality and presentation can produce some of the very best Champagne on the market. Susie Perry, Author of Champagne and sparkling wines from around the world has stated that

“Small grower Champagnes are a superb choice. They’re often half the price of the big boys who spend oodles of cash on marketing, and they can taste every bit as good, if not better”

I feel extremely lucky to have exclusive rights to import this wonderful Grand Cru Champagne to the UK and I really hope you will join us in enjoying this truly special Champagne.

Tom Ellis, Director

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Leroux-Mineau Champagne Bottle